WAD Store

WAD Store is the official Gocycle Reseller in Brescia and its province.
Come and visit us for a Test Ride.

There is a reason why we stand out.

Actually, there are two.

# 1 We love beautiful things!

And so are our bikes. Truly city-proof and reduce long journeys. Unsurprisingly, cities around the world are scrambling to build more bike paths.

# 2 Let's ride outside the box

What happens when you combine custom parts with the latest technology? Revolutionary stuff. Our flagship bikes have destroyed all stereotypes of how an e-bike should look, feel and ride.

We do not sell disposable.

Gocycle bikes sold by WAD Store are built to last a lifetime.

We are fighting the disposable economy by selling stronger and smarter products.

We are unstoppable.

We opened a web agency 5 years ago that has grown and is now a reference agency for Prestashop Ecommerce and corporate catalog sites throughout Italy. We have opened a sports store dedicated to the world of darts selling the best brands of these products and now with WAD Store and the collaboration of Gocycle we enter the ebike market.

We are more than a reseller. We are a Partner.